The turmeric shop is temporarily closed. We hope to reopen soon, thanks for your patience!

Organic turmeric granola and organic turmeric cookies are now available for purchase on Etsy and are shipped directly to you!

To place an order, visit the Etsy shop “EatTurmericDaily” @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/EatTurmericDaily?ref=hdr_shop_menu 

Eat turmeric daily!

Turmeric is a medicinal plant that comes in the form of a beautiful orange root. It acts to ease inflammation and has powerful antioxidant and anticancer properties (now clinically proven). In addition to traditional curry recipes, turmeric can be consumed in many different and delicious ways. Eat turmeric daily to help with ongoing inflammation, to treat inflammatory-driven diseases, and to kill cancer cells as a natural and holistic cancer preventative or treatment.    

For more information, read Dr. Julian’s Science of Food article on “The Power of Turmeric:” http://www.summitdaily.com/explore-summit/events/science-of-food-indian-spice-turmeric-has-anti-inflammatory-anti-cancer-effects/

Homemade Turmeric Food Products for Sale: 

All products are made locally in Frisco CO with organic whole turmeric roots!  They are handmade by Lisa in a commercial kitchen (with all organic ingredients) for retail sale at the yoga studio and on Etsy. 

Organic Turmeric Tea: NOW on SALE!

small 6 oz jar ($5)

large 32 oz jar ($24)

turmeric 6oz













Organic Turmeric Granola:

small 6 oz bag ($6)

large 11 oz bag ($10)


Organic Turmeric Cookies (low sugar, gluten-free):

2 cookies – 4 oz ($4)

5 cookies – 10 oz ($10)


Turmeric Recipes: