Meet the Teachers


Dr. Lisa Julian, Ph.D. founder of Elevated Yoga & Holistic Health, has combined her formal scientific training with her experience of Hatha yoga to arrive at an understanding of health and the human body from the inside out. She earned her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry “the molecules of life” in 2005 from the University of Michigan at the age of 24, then spent over 3 years as a research scientist for the biopharmaceutical company Amgen in San Francisco developing drugs for diabetes and cancer. After realizing her passion was in academia, Lisa took an NIH fellowship (National Institutes of Health) at the University of Illinois, and then finally a professorship in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Colorado in Denver.  Her research at the University was focused on the design and synthesis of new molecules to treat cancer selectively.  After spending three years in Denver, she moved to beautiful Summit County full-time and opened the wellness studio Elevated Yoga & Holistic Health in August of 2014, with an intention to educate the community on the importance of cancer and disease prevention through whole mind-body health, especially diet. Lisa continues to teach on an adjunct bases her unique course the “Science of Food” to advanced undergraduates at University of Colorado in Denver and teaches Human Nutrition at Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge and Dillon.  She is published in world renowned journals and is inventor on four patents from her work at Amgen.

Lisa earned her yoga instructor certification at the beautiful Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica in 2012 after discovering the powerful benefits of her own yoga and meditation practice. Her practice is based on building strength through intentional movement and focusing on the breath to bridge the mind and the body. She believes that cultivating a heightened awareness in the body provides the inner wisdom and insight that allows us to have mindful control over our own whole health and happiness – mind, body, and spirit.  Namaste.

Lisa can be reached by phone (970)401-2071, email, or in-person at the studio 310 E Main St. Frisco.

Amy Hardwick was introduced to yoga 15 years ago as a massage therapy student.  Originally she was drawn to the physical aspect as it provided a balance of strength and length for an active career and lifestyle in the mountains. However, it has been the combination of physical, spiritual and emotional strength that yoga provides that has kept her coming back to her mat. With a background in Anusara, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, Amy enjoys teaching classes that provide a creative combination of movement with a clear focus on alignment and anatomy. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with her students and hopes that they are able to take these tools off their mat in into everyday life to provide balance and well being in all aspects of their lives. To learn more about Amy and her services, visit her website “Wishing Tree Wellness” at


Guest teachers

Tawnya Diefenbach has been practicing yoga on and off since childhood. After experiencing a car accident in 2003 she expanded her education of healing through holistic health at Red Rocks Community College and followed through with her Associates In Massage Therapy from Colorado School of Healing Arts. After graduating in 2013 Tawnya moved to Summit County and dived deeper into her yoga practice completing her Yoga Teacher Training from Meta Yoga Schools in the spring of 2017.

“I believe that a dedicated and curious yoga practice can help define a deeper relationship with the self to link the body, mind and spirit. When we take the time to explore how our internal world does or doesn’t work we can begin to heal from a more compassionate and honest place for ourselves and for others. I hope to inspire change and encourage growth and awareness through thoughtful body breath sequences, movement, mantra and meditation.”

Philip Wolf  began his yoga practice in 2012 as a way to balance a non-stop lifestyle. He eventually realized that yoga was more than just a physical practice for him – it was a place to find the tools within us to better body, mind and spirit. Wolf accomplished his 200-hour YTT training in 2017 to learn more about the different breathing techniques, meditations, philosophies and asanas that he could incorporate into his daily life and the lives of others. He believes we are all different and things that work for some, don’t work for others. So, ultimately, you do you!

Philip has traveled the world and marvels how people who live such simple lives live so happily. And that’s because he believes we usually have everything we need, we just think we need more. Yoga helps us realize we have everything we need. During his class, Philip will weave you through pranayama, mudras, mantras, meditations, life lessons and asanas in a Hatha style flow. All of his cues serve a starting point for guiding the class, but encourages practitioners to make the practice their own. Outside of yoga, travel and work, you’ll find Philip snowboarding, mountain biking, siting by the river, hiking, camping, playing softball, admiring nature, searching for animals or anything else that seems to call him in the moment.

Laurie Moroco, Ph.D. is a Hatha Yoga instructor with a 200-hour Yoga Alliance(RYT-200) teaching certification. Laurie has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years and developed a passion for the mind, body, heart connection since her very first class.

Laurie teaches a slow-paced vinyasa practice, focusing on the mind-body connection and the therapeutic aspects of yoga. In her class, there is a strong emphasis on the breath and mindfully moving through the asanas. Students can expect to be challenged through slower movement and are encouraged to listen to their own bodies, modifying poses as necessary.