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studio_picDr. Lisa Julian, Ph.D., founder of Elevated Yoga & Holistic Health, has combined her formal scientific training with her experience of Hatha yoga to arrive at an understanding of health and the human body from the inside out. She earned her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry “the molecules of life” in 2005 from the University of Michigan at the age of 24, then spent over 3 years as a research scientist for the biopharmaceutical company Amgen in San Francisco developing drugs for diabetes and cancer. After realizing her passion was in academia, Lisa took an NIH fellowship (National Institutes of Health) at the University of Illinois, and then finally a professorship in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Colorado in Denver.  Her research at the University was focused on the design and synthesis of new molecules to treat cancer selectively.  After spending three years in Denver, she moved to beautiful Summit County full-time and opened her studio Elevated Yoga & Holistic Health in August of 2014, with an intention to educate the community on the importance of cancer and disease prevention through whole mind-body health, especially diet. Lisa continues to teach on an adjunct bases her unique course the “Science of Food” to advanced undergraduates at University of Colorado in Denver and teaches Human Nutrition at Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge and Dillon.  She is published in world renowned journals and is inventor on four patents from her work at Amgen.

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Lisa earned her yoga instructor certification at the beautiful Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica in 2012 after discovering the powerful benefits of her own yoga and meditation practice. Her practice is based on building strength through intentional movement and focusing on the breath to bridge the mind and the body. She believes that cultivating a heightened awareness in the body provides the inner wisdom and insight that allows us to have mindful control over our own whole health and happiness – mind, body, and spirit.  Namaste.

Lisa can be reached by phone (970)401-2071, email ldjulian@gmail.com, or in-person at the studio 310 E Main St. Frisco.